Salaries & Wages
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Features and Content of Poyraz’s Salary Survey Report

  • Current salary survey
  • Salary increases
  • Fringe benefits
  • Annual compensation levels
  • Job summaries
  • Medians
  • Modes
  • Lower quartiles
  • Upper quartiles
  • Other allowances
  • Job titles/Classifications
  • Alphabetic reference
  • Employee profiles
  • Respondent profiles
  • Tables and charts


Service to Management

The Salary and Wages report is a research of vital interest to every executive with responsibilities in employment in industrial, trade, financing and service organizations. The broad range of the survey answers every need of management executives in providing the information for policies on salary scales and for budget preparation.


Rich Source of Data

Industrial establisment of various groups, financial institutions, service organisations such as marketing, import-export constitute the data source for the Salary and Wages report.


Reliable Reference
The Salary and Wages report is intended to address the needs of the private sector but it is also accepted as a reliable source for executives in public organizations.


Wide Coverage

The Salary and Wages report covers the entire financial and social benefits granted to personel for a variety of job groups, ranging from ‘General Manager’down to ‘Unskilled Labourer’.


A Guide Book

The Salary and Wages report presents current salary levels in the market and projections for the future. It also contains information about job evaulation in compensation, types of salaries and remuneration systems. New editions are published every year and sure that the report will be a main reference in this field.


English and Turkish

The Salary and Wages report is available both in English or Turkish.


Easy to Read

The report is written and laid out in such a manner to provide the reader with the greatest ease in determining and comparing salaries. Data and numerical values are given in a systematic order and in an easy to understand manner.


How to Get

The Salary and Wages report is obtained from Poyraz Consulting only upon a written request. There is no other source to supply this report.